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Networking For Future Develops Innovative Unified Surveillance Video Analysis and Storage Solution

November 2014

Networking For Future (NFF) has been awarded a new contract by a Washington, DC metropolitan area municipal government customer for the  implementation of a centralized Video Surveillance System (VSS) prototype.
In light of recent high-profile events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the DC Navy Yard shooting, public safety initiatives have been developed to address the concerns around availability, retention, and access capabilities of surveillance video. The intended outcome of the project is to establish a solution to address centralized video retention and availability needs by providing a unified access mechanism and consistent storage solution for existing surveillance video data.
NFF,  in partnership with NetApp and Extreme Security LLC., developed an innovative approach to address video surveillance storage and consolidation. This new video surveillance solution is designed to provide redundant and centralized storage of video data derived from disparate heterogeneous systems. The solution has the potential for improving video data retention and availability, while significantly expanding the analytic capabilities for video derived from legacy infrastructure without the need to rip and replace.
The solution prototype that NFF engineers developed was recently nominated for a NetApp Partner Innovation Award. 
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Enterprise-Wide “Secure Wireless Everywhere” Project Saves MITRE $3.5M

October 2014

Since 2013 Networking For Future (NFF) has been engaged with The MITRE Corporation (MITRE) for network security design consulting services to develop a solution for enterprise-wide wireless that meets all of their corporate network access policies. Use of wireless networking at MITRE had been limited due to security restrictions, irregular coverage, and inadequate speeds. As a result of the limited wireless use, dependence on wired networking was keeping employee mobility low and cabling infrastructure costs high.  According to MITRE’s calculations, NFF’s solution for “Secure Wireless Everywhere” will save them $3.5 million on the costs to continue managing and building an extensive wired network environment. The initial ROI of the wireless solution provides equal performance with increased mobility and offers an array of potential features for MITRE to add in the future.

At the onset of the project, NFF facilitated multiple design workshops with MITRE to develop the workflow of features, leveraging Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to control end-user access to their Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers. The features and functionality provided by Cisco ISE allowed MITRE to gain the required security assurances from wireless clients and users to allow their employees to have streamlined access to their secured network.

After a successful proof of concept (POC) was built in a lab environment, NFF was then contracted with the implementation of the new secure wireless solution. The engagement consisted of mapping the POC design into their production network, implementation of new Cisco Next-Generation Wireless Controllers, installation of new 802.11ac Access Points, and delivering new management functionality with the Cisco Mobility Services Engine and Cisco Prime Infrastructure. The new Cisco ISE network access security features, up to 20x greater wireless throughput with 802.11ac wireless technology, and enhanced management visibility with MSE and PI, will allow users to have a streamlined mobility experience at all of MITRE’s office locations.

NFF is collaborating with CCIE Agent Eman Conde

September 2014

NFF’s Staff Augmentation Mission is “To provide the highest caliber of professionals that will best fit our clients’ needs and who integrate seamlessly into their environment.” To support this effort, NFF has partnered with CCIE specialized recruiter Emmanuel Conde (Eman). This collaboration allows us to identify, qualify, and deliver the best talent in the industry (both nationally and internationally) to our customers which equips them to adapt to the challenges of the dynamic technology landscape.

NFF is an awarded Cisco Gold Partner, providing IT solutions, products, and services since 1996. NFF has a proven track record of placing highly qualified IT professionals specialized as Cisco Certified Network Engineers. Our IT staff augmentation services are focused on providing Certified Network Architects & Engineers, Operations Support Professionals, Systems Administrators, Software Developers, Information and Network Security, VoIP and Project Management Professionals.

Eman is the only Cisco authorized CCIE recruiter promoted by the worldwide channels of Cisco Systems, supporting the Channel Partner Community. He has presented at Cisco talent gatherings around the world, Cisco Networking Academy events, and helped develop an international CCIE mentor program.

For over 18 years, Eman worked directly with CCIEs and has the understanding and the background to ensure that CCIE’s career growth and objectives are addressed. He has connected with over 20,000 of the 30,000 active CCIEs in the world. His website CCIE Flyer, an online magazine, receives on average 1,000 visitors a day.

We are looking forward to expanding our customer base and supporting the increasing demand for specialized, certified technology professionals. What differentiates us from other staffing firms is our in-house team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who enable us to better assess requirements, qualify candidates’ technical competencies, and deliver the best IT resources to our customers. Our partnership with Eman positions NFF to continue on its path as a leader in IT Staff Augmentation. 

What it means to receive Cisco’s Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award

September 2014

The Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence assessment is based upon the customer satisfaction results captured in the Cisco Partner online tool. Each quarter Cisco acknowledges certified partners that have the highest customer satisfaction distinction within each geographic region. NFF was recently recognized for Customer Satisfaction Excellence for the 20th time.

Customer Satisfaction Excellence is the highest distinction a partner can achieve within the Cisco Channel Partner Program. To qualify for Customer Satisfaction Excellence recognition, you must meet two qualifications:

  • Cisco Gold partners must have at least 30 customers responding to the online assessment, rating their experience between 1-5 with 5 designating “Very Satisfied.”
  • Gold partners need to achieve a score of at least 4.60.

NFF’s rating in January was 4.95 and in July we achieved 5.0!

The questions on the assessment focus on the pre-sales and post-sales levels of quality. Cisco measures the levels of professionalism, matching products/services to business goals, responsiveness, skill levels, and the ability to diagnose issues, to name a few. Customers may also provide their own personal feedback. Here are some examples of the feedback NFF customers provided during the recent survey:

“Excellent, NFF is first class.”
“Extremely positive and personable.”
“Very happy with NFF, INC's services and personnel.”
“NFF is very helpful and hands on. Any questions that I have or products that I need they are on top of it!”
“Great partners.”
“I would never work with any other Cisco Partner besides Networking For Future.”
“Nothing less than perfect.”
“From my perspective, NFF has been extremely helpful in ongoing support of our needs and has offered excellent customer service.”
“NFF has been very good to us during the post sales process. They regularly follow up and make sure everything is working as advertised.”
We appreciate that so many customers provided their input and positive feedback. It shows what a great customers and engineering team we have!

DC Lottery Board Receives Comprehensive Security Solution

August 2014

The Networking For Future (NFF) team of engineers designed and procured a comprehensive network and security solution for the DC Lottery Board in conjunction with the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Information Officer’s IT Project Management team.

The solution includes the latest Cisco Catalyst converged access switches, ASA firewalls, Identity Services, and Cisco SourceFire Next-Generation IPS. Cisco SourceFire’s Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System provides real-time visibility and intelligence of suspicious network traffic and potential threats through a single management control platform. This solution is integral in providing the necessary controls to meet required financial network security compliance standards. 


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