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Getting things done right the first time is imperative to any IT endeavor. Assessing the current environment and processes before starting large implementations is key. Networking For Future (NFF) has built our assessment offerings around a tiered level focus which can then be tailor-made to each customer’s specific needs and scope.  

Discover assessment service offerings provide an advanced “health check” of customer environments by encompassing a hardware, software, configuration, and topology analysis. This service is intended to provide customers with both complete current state documentation and a findings report of the top issues found in their environment that deteriorate performance and/or availability of their infrastructure or applications.

InDepth assessment service offerings expand upon the Discover services and provide a comprehensive configuration and performance analysis that is custom-tailored to a customer’s specific strategy, compliance, and business requirements. In addition, an optional Future State Recommendation report can be included that uses NFF’s expertise to provide a custom-tailored roadmap design.

Below is a sample of assessment services, geared towards evaluating existing IT infrastructures to enable you in achieving your IT and business goals.

  • AppDiscovery
  • AppInDepth
  • NetDiscovery
  • NetInDepth
  • WiFiDiscovery
  • WiFiInDepth
  • Network Threat Assessment



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