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The real value of the Internet of Things (IoT)—is a networked connection of physical objects which creates the link between people, processes, data, and things. With the continuous and increasing migration of world populations to urban areas, cities are facing many new challenges such as extensive traffic jams, security issues, increased pollution, and inadequate infrastructure and resource constraints. Community, Businesses, Education, Transportation and Public Safety leaders can address these problems by using intelligent networking capabilities and by increasing the overall connectedness of people and things.

Networking For Future (NFF) has designed, implemented and delivered Smart Community and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to a number of clients. As the industry continues to grow, NFF is positioned to be an experienced solution leader in the area of Smart Community and IoT. NFF core competency is to build, design, and implement Networks and Infrastructures to support Smart Community and IoT Solutions. In addition, NFF brings to the table a host of technology partnerships, strategic relationships and the expertise needed to implement effective solutions.

NFF key focus areas for Smart Connected Communities and IoT are:

  • Smart Safety: Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) and Public Safety Mobile Camera Systems (PSMCS)
  • Smart Streets: Smart Parking (SP), Traffic Management (TM) and Analytics
  • Smart Energy: Digital Ceiling, Outdoor Lighting-based Sensor Platforms and Integrated HVAC and Building Systems (IHBS)
  • Ubiquitous Wireless: Outdoor/Indoor Wireless LANs and Public Wi-Fi Networks
  • IoT Infrastructure and Security: Private and Public Cloud Based Hosting, Data Integration, and Analytics

NFF provides services in the area of Smart Connected Communities and IoT include:

  • Management Consulting
  • Solution Design and Architecture
  • Project Delivery
  • Engineering Support
  • Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

You can download our IoT overview here.

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