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Advanced security threats can penetrate networks and preside for months without being detected. These threats can operate below the radar while obtaining vital information and disrupting operations. As attacks become more sophisticated and malicious, the threat becomes not a question of if, but a question of when.

NFF offers a high-level Network Threat Assessment. This offering will discover endpoints, applications, intrusions, and malware observed and deliver a detailed report of the findings, showing network endpoints with clear indications of compromise. The output of this assessment will show all current threats needing immediate remediation and can be a first step in building a more robust security practice. The NFF assessment team will:

  • Assist in filling out a short questionnaire to help scope the assessment
  • Install a passive network sensor at the Internet edge
  • Stand up a corresponding management VM
  • Passively collect data over a 14 day period

Protect Across the Entire Attack Continuum
NFF works with customers large and small to develop and execute solutions to continuously prevent or contain threats “Before, During, and After” they occur.

This assessment is an ideal way to launch a comprehensive approach to protecting valuable company data across the entire At-tack Continuum; answering the real question: How can you protect your organization against advanced threats while reducing both complexity and cost?

The NFF team has a long and successful history of providing enterprise security solutions for our Federal, State/Local, enterprise, and other commercial clients. NFF has evolved their security solutions to meet the challenges of the ever-heightened threat landscape, while tempered with the business needs for increased mobility and cloud computing.

Blending the power of Cisco’s intelligent network with other complimentary context-aware security technologies, NFF delivers a security solution framework designed to better meet the needs of the mobile and dynamic network. This model allows organizations of all sizes to collaborate easily, apply new computing models, and enable their workforce to roam freely.

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